zANTI Apk Download and Hacking Full Guide 2019

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zANTI-Mobile Security Risk Assessment

zANTI is a penetration testing toolbox created by Zimperium Mobile Security for digital security experts. Essentially, it enables you to reenact pernicious assaults on a system. With the assistance of zANTI, you will have the capacity to perform different kinds of activities, for example, MITM assaults, MAC address satirizing, examining, secret key evaluating, powerlessness checks and substantially more. To put it plainly, this android toolbox is an ideal friend of programmers.

How to use Zanti apk


  2. Malicious WiFi hotspot using zTether.
  3. Hijacking HTTP sessions.
  4. Capturing downloads.
  5. Modifying HTTP requests and responses.
  6. Exploiting routers.
  7. Auditing passwords.
  8. Checking a device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability.


       With A Help Of Mac Changer, You Can Change Your Mac Address

How To Use Mac Changer In zANT 

  1. Use The Navigation Option In Menu To Get Mac Changer Option.
  2. Once You See The Option Of CHANGE MAC ADDRESS Click On It And Then  “SET NEW MAC ADDRESS”. And Wait For A Second And You Will Get A New Mac Address.

Note:-  In This, You Can Also Genetre Your Custome Mac Address By Turning Off “Generate Random ” And Then Type Your Mac Address What You Want And Then Tap On “Set A New Mac Address”.


How To Use Hijack HTTP Sessions in zANTI.

Step 1.scan whole wifi Network After Scanning the whole network. you will get to know all the smartphone and system connected to your wifi network.

Step 2.  After Opening the desirable casualty I can see the open port and some different points of interest has appeared in below a picture.

Step 3. After Selecting MITM assault you will see numerous things you can do on target machine ex: check the picture below As should be visible all the assault you can do on focus by utilizing MITM For my situation I switch “ON” the MITM which is on the Right-Top.In the NEXT stage, I turned “ON” the SSL Strip. As should be obvious I turned “ON” the two things together by utilizing Zanti2.apk in the MITM assault from my android gadget to hack the other telephone or PC.

Step 4: After that, I sniff the packets ( Check the picture below and SSL Striping working splendidly and strip Hotmail in HTTP.

Note:- As should be visible any site is strip into HTTP and its prepared to snatch the password key when casualty enters the login subtle elements.


It enables you to make a WiFi hotspot and control your system movement.

How to use zTether  in zANTI

Note:-  Before  using the zTether  you should turn off the wifi of your device

Step 1. Tap on the “zTether”.

Step 2. Turn on “Tether Control” and then allow users to connect to your system. When you got no less than one client on your system, you can begin playing with the traffic.

Step 3. If you got a client on your system, tap on the first (Logged Requests) “View” to see all the HTTP asks for made by the user(s) on your system. It might contain passwords and other delicate data (See the picture below).