Top 10 Best Android Apps of January 2019

android apps

The long stretch of January is finished, and like each month, here is an ideal opportunity to show the best android applications of the most recent thirty days. The long stretch of January was fairly tranquil (yes it’s the occasions), yet some little pieces are out of the part (not every person gets the opportunity to loll the pill under the coconut trees).

As another period of August starts, how about we not overlook the undertakings we encountered amid the long stretch of July. Be that as it may, most importantly, remember to bring up the most intriguing applications discharged amid this period on the Play Store and for APK variant go to, which you can discover here a choice!

Adidas All Day best android apps

android apps

The Play Store has no deficiency of utilizations for wellness aficionados, with real brands like Nike leading the pack. A second imprint comes, be that as it may, with Adidas All Day. The application android applications, still in test, need to be as comprehensive as could be allowed: as a little something extra of day by day activities to perform, observing your preparation program and your games exercises, you can likewise find specific formulas for victors and discover articles to give you inspiration. Not totally completed, the application android applications is still in English just, yet merits following.

Persona 5 IM

android apps

Possibly you realize the computer game Persona 5, discharged on PS4 and PS3? The Atlus JRPG has become famous with its flawless and incredibly powerful interface, which has enlivened a capable Android engineer. Here is Persona 5 IM App, a dependable proliferation of the informing framework utilized in the amusement with a similar class and affability that is suitable. Indeed, even the movements are reliably duplicated! It needs just the help of MMS to be consummately reasonable, yet the designer has effectively declared that it would happen once the primary bugs of the essential android application will be rectified. Indeed, even without knowing the diversion, investigate it to make your telephone novel!

Camera Roll – Gallery

android apps

We’ve all known this for a considerable length of time: a standout amongst the best highlights of Android is to have the capacity to modify your cell phone to overabundance. Furthermore, when an overlay does not suit us, we simply need to change the launcher or utilize different applications. On the off chance that the fundamental exhibition use of your telephone does not suit you, Camera Roll may intrigue you. Simplistic and moderate in its methodology, it features excellent activities and expansive similarity. It is likewise one of only a handful couple of exhibitions that enable you to change the EXIF of your records on the fly, just as being good with the RAW arrangement. Picture takers will acknowledge with Snap Camera HDR for their best and even more highlights!

Gratus – promoting good vibes and positivity

We as a whole have our inclinations regarding application to make a plan for the day and to be sorted out on our days. In any case, some of the time, these don’t help us to remember the basics: that we have effectively achieved a great deal, and that we are as of now all around encompassed. This is the standard of this atypical application, in which you can make a few notes devoted to things for which you are appreciative in your life. A short time later, Gratus will remind you every once in a while of specific notes. There’s nothing preferable to brighten you up over to get a note demonstrating to you your charming cat soon after a manager yelled at you!


android apps

Between PlayStation Now, GeForce Now and the discharge in United of PC Shadow, distributed computing is well known … yet, has a cost. LiquidSky has made everything totally free, so you can get to your Steam, Origins, Blizzard and another library from any gadget from any Android gadget and play it straightforwardly from any Android gadget. Web to your diversions. The bluff? You should utilize credits for this, which are earned by watching commercials and finishing overviews on the site. On the off chance that your cash is your time, and you need to taste Cloud Gaming efficiently, don’t dither to test this arrangement that has servers in Europe!


Applications to make photographs increasingly fun and progressively excellent are clearly welcome on the cell phone. Holo emerges by needing to refresh the multidimensional images and welcomes you to snap a photo or even a video joined by a virtual friend who will take the posture you need with you progressively. What an Instagram post or Snapchat unique, particularly since the engineer should connect with different brands, beginning with Sony’s Spider-Man right now.


LightX is a standout amongst the most mainstream photograph editors of iOS. Also, not surprisingly, iPhone clients exploited his nonattendance on Android to endeavor to legitimize the prevalence of their telephone android app.but as Android turns out to be increasingly prevalent, designers are taking a gander at it and LightX is currently accessible in beta on our telephones! You will probably correct your photographs top to bottom with numerous impacts, just as cut and move things in all respects effectively. To test!


Carefully, Flowx is certainly not another application this July. In any case, the designers have picked for the current month to give it an enormous facelift that is a great idea to think about it as another application, or if nothing else to discuss it once more. Flowx is a climate application that centers especially around the radar, giving ongoing climate stream of a given area and along these lines better value the genuine conditions.


The video even outweighs the image on informal communities, making that we are immediately enticed to do some altering to make his companions giggle or improve the nature of our shot. This is actually what Vizmato android application does, which is a light video supervisor intended to do some snappy altering on recordings before distributing on informal organizations. Between the utilization of different channels, video impacts and the likelihood of including titles and content, you will have the decision to redo your productions however much as could be expected!

Motion Stills

At the point when Google discharges an application, it will, in general, give more consideration than expected, and it is characteristic. With Motion Stills, in any case, the engineer has not tried to reform the application world on Android since it is basically an application android app that enables you to catch a video of 3 seconds and consequently transform it into GIF. In the event that you record somewhat more than 3 seconds, the GIF will be marginally quickened to redress. Nothing folichon, yet helpful to need to share on informal communities without a complaint.


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