Top 10 Best Android Apps of January 2019

android apps

The month of January is over, and like every month, here is the time to present the best android apps of the last thirty days. The month of January was rather quiet (yes it’s the holidays), but some small nuggets are out of the lot (not everyone has the chance to bask the pill under the coconut trees).

As a new month of August begins, let’s not forget the adventures we experienced during the month of July. But above all, do not forget to point out the most interesting applications released during this period on the Play Store and for APK version go to, which you can find here a selection!

Adidas All Day best android apps

android apps

The Play Store has no shortage of applications for fitness enthusiasts, with major brands like Nike taking the lead. A second mark comes, however, with Adidas All Day. The application android apps, still in test, wants to be as inclusive as possible: as a bonus of daily exercises to perform, monitoring your training program and your sports activities, you can also discover specialized recipes for champions and find articles to give you motivation. Not completely finished, the application android apps  is still in English only, but is worth following.

Persona 5 IM


android apps


Maybe you know the video game Persona 5, released on PS4 and PS3? The Atlus JRPG has made a name for itself with its neat and extremely dynamic interface, which has inspired a talented Android developer. Here is Persona 5 IM App, a faithful reproduction of the messaging system used in the game with the same class and personability that is appropriate. Even the animations are faithfully reproduced! It lacks only the support of MMS to be perfectly viable, but the developer has already announced that it would happen once the first bugs of the basic android app will be corrected. Even without knowing the game, take a look at it to make your phone unique!

Camera Roll – Gallery


android apps

We’ve all known this for years: one of the best features of Android is to be able to customize your smartphone to excess. And when an overlay does not suit us, we just need to change the launcher or use other applications. If the basic gallery application of your phone does not suit you, Camera Roll might interest you. Very simplistic and minimalist in its approach, it highlights beautiful animations and broad compatibility. It is also one of the few galleries that allow you to change the EXIF of your files on the fly, as well as being compatible with the RAW format. Photographers will appreciate with Snap Camera HDR for their best and all the more features!

Gratus – promoting good vibes and positivity

We all have our preferences in terms of application to make to-do lists and to be organized on our days. But sometimes, these do not remind us of the essential: that we have already accomplished a lot, and that we are already well surrounded. This is the principle of this atypical application, in which you can create several notes dedicated to things for which you are grateful in your life. Afterward, Gratus will remind you from time to time of certain notes. There’s nothing better to cheer you up than to get a note showing you your cute kitten just after a boss shouted at you!


android apps


Between PlayStation Now, GeForce Now and the release in United of PC Shadow, cloud computing is popular … but has a price. LiquidSky has chosen to make everything completely free, so you can access your Steam, Origins, Blizzard and another library from any device from any Android device and play it directly from any Android device. Internet to your games. The feint? You will need to use credits for this, which are earned by watching advertisements and completing surveys on the site. If your money is your time, and you want to taste Cloud Gaming cheaply, do not hesitate to test this solution that has servers in Europe!


Applications to make photos more fun and more beautiful are obviously welcome on the smartphone. Holo stands out by wanting to update the holograms and invites you to take a picture or even a video accompanied by a virtual companion who will take the pose you want with you in real time. What an Instagram post or Snapchat original, especially since the developer should associate with other brands, starting with Sony’s Spider-Man at the moment.


LightX is one of the most popular photo editors of iOS. And as usual, iPhone users took advantage of his absence on Android to try to justify the superiority of their phone android app.but as Android becomes more and more popular, developers are looking at it and LightX is now available in beta on our phones! You will be able to retouch your photos in depth with many effects, as well as cut and move items very easily. To test!


Strictly speaking, Flowx is not a new application this July. However, the developers have chosen this month to give it a huge facelift that is good to consider it as a new application, or at least to talk about it again. Flowx is a weather application that focuses particularly on the radar, giving real-time weather flow of a given region and thus better appreciate the real conditions.


The video even takes precedence over the picture on social networks, making that we are quickly tempted to do some editing to make his friends laugh or improve the quality of our shot. This is exactly what Vizmato android app does, which is a very light video editor designed to do some quick editing on videos before publishing on social networks. Between the application of various filters, video effects and the possibility of adding titles and text, you will have the choice to customize your publications as much as possible!

Motion Stills

When Google releases an application, it tends to pay more attention than usual, and it is natural. With Motion Stills, however, the developer has not sought to revolutionize the application world on Android since it is simply an application android aap that allows you to capture a video of 3 seconds and automatically turn it into GIF. If you record a little more than 3 seconds, the GIF will be slightly accelerated to compensate. Nothing folichon, but convenient to have to share on social networks without a fuss.

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