List of cool smartphone gadgets for the year 2k18.

1. La Ale Zipper Hands free Earphones :

cool smartphone gadgets

This is the primary cool smartphone phone gadget on our rundown. At first, we have this cool looking headphone. This headphone look extremely delightful in this unadulterated white shading this is typical ears telephone as utilizing this headphone you will never have stress of harming or minding of tearing of the headphone since this is zipper headphone we are getting this white zipper with which you can resize while hearing it the zipper was is sufficiently long for u to keep your telephone on your pocket while posting music contrasting the cost of the items the fabricate quality is generally excellent and furthermore the sound quality is awesome.d.

Frank talking, don’t contrast and brilliant headphones like Philips and Sony headphone as you can anticipate top notch bass or rich quality sound yield from 300 rupees the assemble quality and the zipper have an immense effect where you can utilize this item for quite a while.

2. (4-in-1) Multi USB Charger:

cool smartphone gadget

With this multi USB Charger, you will be able to charge more than 3 phones at the same time.

This 4 out of 1 Multi USB Charger which has bolster 4 versatile in one single time with quick charging. It will cost you around 500 Rs. I selected this product because of the good quality, rating, and reviews. Also it comes under an affordable price.

3. Mini Tripod :

cool smartphone gadget

This is one of the cool gadgets on our list. It has a price range of Rs 349, this smaller than normal tripod with an included cell phone mount is ideal for vlogging or for individuals who record plenty of recordings with their cell phone. You can also use this mini tripod as a selfie stick and will come in handy for stable images and videos if your hands are shaky.

  1. Price – Rs 349 including a smartphone mount
  2. Ideal for vloging
  3. Stable images and videos

4. Magnifier Portable Projector:

cool smartphone gadget

Magnifier Portable Projector takes place of the next cool gadget in our list. This will turn the display of your smartphone’s into a mini projector. The magnifier projector is totally convenient, foldable, and lightweight. Essentially slide in your cell phone and watch an amplified video. new best gedgets in 2018 unique gift item is well within under Rs 499 and is something you can gift even an elder for their better viewing experience.

5. Bracelet plus data sync and charging cable:

cool smartphone gadget

This is the next cool smartphone gadget on our list. One of the most affordable wearables out there, this cool frill resembles a beaded wrist bracelet yet acts like a piece of information matching up or charging link. You can use it to do some actions like transfer music, charge your device, or simply match it with your dress. It will cost you under Rs 499, this beaded wristband makes for a reasonable double reason gifting thing.



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