List of cool smartphone gadgets for the year 2k18.

1. La Ale Zipper Hands free Earphones :

cool smartphone gadgets

This is first cool smartphone gadget in our list. At first we have this cool looking ear phone the earphone look really beautiful in this pure white color this are normal ears phone as using this earphone you will never have worry of damaging or caring  of tearing of the earphone because this are  zipper ear phone we are getting this white zipper with which you can resize while hearing it the zipper were is long enough for u to keep your phone on your pocket while listing music comparing the price of the products the build quality is very good and also the sound quality is very good

Frank speaking don’t compare with high quality earphone like Philips and Sony earphone as you can expect high quality bass or rich quality sound output from 300 rupees the build quality and the zipper is make a hug different where you can use this product for long time.

2. (4-in-1) Multi USB Charger:

cool smartphone gadget

The next cool gadget in our list is. it your home has the greature phone then the mobile charger or you have more one phone and facing problem to charge the phone.

Then don’t worry use the 4 in 1 Multi USB Charger which has support 4 mobile in one single time with fast charging. This Device price slight higher Price around 500 Rs. I selected this product because quality, rating and reviews of this product is very good in this affordable price.

3. Mini Tripod :


cool smartphone gadget

The next cool gadget in our list is. at a price of Rs 349, this mini tripod with an included smartphone mount is perfect for vloging or for people who record a lot of videos with their smartphone. The mini tripod can also be used as a selfie stick and will come in handy for stable images and videos if your hands are shaky.

  1. Price – Rs 349 including a smartphone mount
  2. Ideal for vloging
  3. Stable images and videos

4. Magnifier Portable Projector:


cool smartphone gadget

The next cool gadget in our list is.Get your smartphone’s small display turn into a mini projector with this cool gadget. The magnifier projector is completely portable, foldable, and lightweight. Simply slide in your smartphone and watch a magnified video. new best gedgets in 2018 unique gift item is well within under Rs 499 and is something you can gift even an elder for their better viewing experience.

5. Bracelet plus data sync and charging cable:

cool smartphone gadget

The next cool smartphone gadget in our list is.One of the most affordable wearable out there, this cool accessory looks like a beaded bracelet but acts like a data syncing or charging cable. You can use it to transfer music, charge your device, or simply match it with your dress. Priced under Rs 499, this beaded bracelet makes for a sensible dual-purpose gifting item.





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